Linen: The Understated Hero

“Linen became sublime in ancient Egypt—it was as valuable as gold. The incredible shine it has reflects this, and punctuates the dialogue between different yarns on the rug.”

— Sylvie Johnson, Artistic Director


Keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, linen is as versatile as nature itself. This plant-based yarn not only softens with use, but is also naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic, making it the perfect home-maker. ⁠Featured in many of our Atelier rugs, our Belgian linen adds raw texture and a hint of shine when combined with rich wools.⁠ Appearing prominently in many of our rugs, but only as a glint in others, the beauty of linen shines as a dominant base as well as a sparkling accent.

The natural twist of linen is amplified in our Saga 218 rug, where the art of plying is brought to the forefront⁠. By plying mohair and linen in contrasting colors, a marbling effect is created that evokes deep sea currents mixing with the ocean floor sand.⁠ ⁠Linen’s natural texture is made visual in this striking but subtle rug, inviting you to dive into the depths of its weave.

Want to experience Saga 218 for yourself? Drop by our New York Showroom to interact with the full rug, or request a sample today.


Check out our top 10 rugs that feature linen in its true form:

  • Arrastra 329
    Boasting 71% linen, and part of the Atelier collection, the Arrastra rug is inspired by subtle and nuanced beauty in nature.
  • Regatta
    Woven with 53% linen, Regatta features an exquisite hand-stitched brocade motif of plied linen and wool, and a reverse-ground weave that creates a textural play of contrasting yarns.
  • Cadence 418
    Woven with 45% linen, the Cadence collection gives voice to materials and to beauty, making a sophisticated statement through the juxtaposition of rich, bold motifs, and a solid, minimal ground.
  • Verbena 709
    Part of the Atelier collection and tufted with 44% linen, Verbena is inspired by unexpected beauty, where the pattern lies below the surface.
  • Duvarci
    Woven with 41% linen, Duvarci features architectural lines of thin-felted wool, multi-felted merino, and linen on top of a layered construction of twisted wool.
  • Sansovino
    Woven with 40% linen, Sansovino sets an architectural foundation, layering alternating lines of thick- and thin-felted wool and linen over a plush ground of twisted wool.
  • Bursa
    Woven with 40% linen, Bursa features a ground of twisted wool layered with an alternating pattern of rich mohair and linen, a subtle interplay of texture and color.
  • Partisi
    Woven with 38% linen, this plant-based yarn climbs to new heights in our Partisi stair runner that features a decorative border motif, inspired by mashrabiya latticework, and woven with shimmering linen and alpaca.
  • Sahara 409
    Woven with 38% linen and part of the Atelier collection, Sahara is inspired by a graphic take on traditional weaving, with bold weaves taking on a new form.
  • Terreno
    Woven with 37% linen, this stylish and sophisticated rug weaves subtle lines of multi-felted merino and thin-felted wool against a ground of twisted Marble yarn, accented with diamonds of lustrous linen.


Looking for a unique pop of linen? Check these out:

  • Saga 218
    Plied with our Midnight mohair, the linen in this rug creates a marbled effect, mimicking deep sea ocean currents.
  • Verse 748
    Appearing only as a glint here and there, the linen plied in the pinstripes of this rug covers the weave in sparks of light.