A Beautiful Thread

Textile design is a conversation between yarns and light. It is the interplay of light and shadow that reveals the subtle yet complex properties of the yarns. Light brings vibrancy to materials; shadow gives form to beauty.

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Merida Yarns

Before every season we explore yarn combinations and compositions that will become the foundation for our Portfolio and Atelier collections. Each yarn has its own character and holds color differently, so blending or plying two yarns yields an entirely new color. The way we blend colors and fibers creates a textural palette that is uniquely ours, for rugs that are distinctively Merida.

Yarn Cards: A Textural Palette

To help our clients understand these yarn combinations and how different materials take color, we have created a set of Yarn Cards for every collection year. These cards replace our poms, and provide a more accurate reading of our yarn palette.

Experiencing the beauty of our natural yarns, and how they play together, is the first step to creating a rug of originality and technique that will transform your projects.

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Natural Yarn Qualities

  • Alpaca Merino

    Blending alpaca and merino fibers creates a yarn that is soft, resilient and naturally durable.

    Source: Peru (Alpaca) New Zealand (Merino Wool)

  • Mohair

    Our luxurious, 4-ply South African yarn is durable, resilient, and known for its silken sheen.

    Source: South Africa

  • Undyed Wool (Warp Yarn)

    Sheep's wool sourced from Britain, prized for its heathered texture and rich natural color. Slight variation from lot to lot reveals character and heritage.

    Source: Britain

  • Mouliné Wool

    This elegant yarn features New Zealand sheep's wool twisted with a strand of Egyptian cotton. When the yarn is dyed the cotton strand remains white, creating a whimsical effect.

    Source: Egypt (Cotton) New Zealand (Thin-Felted Wool)

  • Silk Wool

    A unique blend of mulberry silk and pure white sheep's wool sourced from the Falklands, this luminous yarn is cool to the touch and shimmers in the light.

    Source: China (Silk) Falkland Islands (Wool)

  • Twisted Wool

    Features a 3-ply spun construction - strong enough for serging and ideal for woven and tufted rugs.

    Source: New Zealand

  • Multi-Felted Merino

    Made from New Zealand sheep's wool, this plush yarn features six plies felted side-by-side, creating a luxuriously soft texture.

    Source: New Zealand

  • Crimped Wool

    Adds texture and dimension; constructed of two binders wrapped around a core of lightly twisted fiber.

    Source: New Zealand

  • Cable Cotton (Warp Yarn)

    100% Egyptian, cotton cable spun and mercerized. Cotton fiber from Egypt are considered the best in the world due to its long staple.

    Source: Egypt (Cotton)

  • Thin-Felted Wool

    Sourced from New Zealand, this highly durable and versatile yarn has a soft, delicate texture and is easily dyed - perfect for custom coloring.

    Source: New Zealand

  • Thick-Felted Wool

    A heavy, single-strand construction with very little twist that creates a thicker, more textural look and feel for tufted and woven rugs.

    Source: New Zealand

  • Linen

    Produced in Belgium by one of the finest linen suppliers in the world, these pure linen yarns add raw texture and a hint of shine to wool blends.

    Source: Belgium


Sustainable Sourcing

For more than 40 years, Merida has been committed to sourcing only the highest-quality natural fibers from rapidly replenishable sources. 

Every yarn we use in our rugs is hand-selected for its unique qualities, from color to texture to durability. We partner with like-minded farmers across the globe who share our commitment to sustainable materials, responsibly sourced, that celebrate the earth’s natural beauty—and respect the dignity and wellbeing of the people who harvest them.