As each fiber takes to the dye differently, our monochromatic pieces show the depth and nuance of each color, the works transforming further in the shifting light of the environment.

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A Textural Palette

Each year, we craft six new colors for our library, each addition forming the inspirational base for our annual Atelier collection. To experience the variety, texture, and nuance of these colors, textures, and combinations, we encourage you to explore our yarn card library, which contains each of our signature colors.

Transforming under light and shadow, the physicality of these fibers is most fully experienced with touch, breath, and sight. Though each shifting hue is captured as closely as possible in our digital library below, we encourage you to explore the totality of the library in person.

2023 Yarn Cards
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Yarn Qualities

  • Alpaca Merino

    This yarn's raw appearance is balanced by its soft texture and subtle sheen, the two fibers creating muted waves in the shadows of ply.

    Source: Peru (Alpaca) New Zealand (Merino Wool)

  • Cable Cotton

    This mercerized yarn serves as the strong warp for our Jacquard pieces, drawing light into the valleys of the surface and further illuminating the colors and motifs of the piece.

    Source: Egypt (Cotton)

  • Crimped Wool

    This bubbled yarn is simultaneously loose and controlled, adding texture and dimension to the surface of the piece.

    Source: New Zealand (Wool)

  • Linen

    This reflective yarn's rigid but soft flax strands bring high shine to its peaks and deep shadows to its valleys, brining a noticeable shimmer to the surface of the piece.

    Source: Belgium (Linen)

  • Mohair

    This luxuriously soft yarn catches light with a silken sheen, subtly reflecting it off its four plied strands.

    Source: South Africa (Mohair)

  • Mouliné Wool

    This lively yarn twists felted wool with Egyptian cotton. When the yarn is dyed the thin, cotton strand remains white, giving the piece an energy of its own as it spirals and marbles the surface.

    Source: New Zealand (Wool) Egypt (Cotton)

  • Multi-Felted Merino

    This plush yarn is made up of six plies felted side-by-side, creating a luxuriously soft, rippled texture.

    Source: New Zealand (Wool)

  • Silk Wool

    This luminous yarn shimmers in the light, illuminating the piece as it brings a smooth softness to the surface.

    Source: China (Mulberry Silk) New Zealand (Wool)

  • Thick-Felted Wool

    This heavy, single-strand yarn brings weight to the piece, adding density through its thickly pressed fibers.

    Source: New Zealand (Wool)

  • Thin-Felted Wool

    This versatile yarn is a dense mixing of wool fibers that results in a soft, plush texture.

    Source: New Zealand (Wool)

  • Twisted Wool

    This coiled yarn maintains the raw qualities of wool as it narrows into a thin channel, its three plied strands joining together to bring subtle, fine detail to the piece.

    Source: New Zealand (Wool)

  • Undyed Wool

    This yarn brings out the natural beauty and color of the material with its heathered texture, imbuing the piece with both the softness and rawness of nature.

    Source: New Zealand (Wool)

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Sustainable Sourcing

For more than 40 years, Merida has been committed to sourcing the highest quality of natural fibers from rapidly replenishable sources.

Every yarn we use in our rugs is hand-selected for its unique qualities, from color to texture to durability. We partner with like-minded farmers across the globe who share our commitment to sustainable materials, responsibly sourced, that celebrate the earth’s natural beauty—and respect the dignity and wellbeing of the people who harvest them.