Buy Beautiful, Not Disposable

It’s hard to overstate the toll cheap fashion is taking on the environment. According to a recent Wall Street Journal article waste generated by the fashion industry – including petrochemicals used for fiber manufacturing – contributes up to 10% of global carbon emissions.

How is this possible? For one, clothing production, including the process of making synthetic fibers, requires a lot of water and chemicals. The finished garments are shipped long distances, increasingly by air. But the bulk of the waste comes down to the product churn that keeps so-called fast fashion brands thriving. According to a recent UBS report, “of the roughly 100 billion items of clothing produced each year, more than 50 billion are thrown away and subsequently burned or landfilled within 12 months of being made,” the article cites.

Consider the fact that approximately 90% of the world’s rugs are synthetic, and the cost to the planet of cheaply made, disposable carpeting, runs deeper than we can imagine.

The best way to halt this damaging trend is to say no to cheaper, faster, disposable goods and instead choose quality products that are made to last. Buying a rug of beauty and originality, where and the hand of the maker is as evident as the quality of the materials, is an investment that will pay dividends in joy and pleasure over time. As consumers, the positive impact of “buying nice” might well be our surest path to sustainable living: a virtuous circle that rewards the spirit of the maker as much as the owner.

A Merida rug is made to last, using only natural fibers from rapidly replenishable sources that are as durable as they are beautiful. All our products are Green Product Assurance certified, made for the living environment. Talk to us about what makes a Merida rug a lasting and sustainable choice for the beauty of the planet and the health of your home.

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