Quality, safety, and trust

Every Merida rug bears the Green Product Assurance (GPA) mark, a symbol of quality, safety, and trust that results from rigorous third-party testing. The mark validates to our clients and end-users that our products have been tested by a trusted third-party quality assurance company and are free of harmful chemicals.

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The Green Product Assurance certification process requires total commitment from the manufacturer and its suppliers. We test every ingredient that goes into the product, and Merida is the first company in the US to achieve GPA certification.

Paul Marchand, Vice President Modern Testing Services


Merida rugs use only natural materials that are good for the environment and safe for the home. That’s a promise we’ve been living by since the company was founded more than 40 years ago. It’s a commitment we stand by, knowing that most rug companies that claim to use natural fibers can’t trace the source of their backings and other materials used in the manufacturing process, many of which contain chemicals that expose the household to harmful toxins.

As of January 2022, Merida became the first US-based manufacturer to achieve GPA certification. Over the course of a year, Modern Testing Services (MTS) worked closely with Merida to test and verify every component used in our rugs. The MTS CL600 certification meets or exceeds the most rigorous testing standards, including EU REACH, US EPA, and California Proposition 65, to name just a few. The testing process involved the full cooperation of our suppliers, who also had to be vetted. View our certification record here.

We took this step because we believe consumers should feel confident that the products they use in their home are free from harmful materials and safe for their pets and kids. Our Green Product Assurance is a promise we live and breathe every day, so your clients can breathe easy knowing that the rug on their floor was made for the health of their home – and the planet.