Begin, Begin Again

By Catherine Connolly

Each year’s end naturally ushers in a period of reflection, both on the past year and on the year ahead. As I look back on the year we’ve just finished, I am so proud of how our studio has come into its own, and how our Arte Povera collection has further evolved our identity as makers of living art.

Through our collections of the last six years, you have witnessed our studio’s creative vision crystalize around the artistic and cultural conversation that artists have continued to contribute to since the dawn of expression. When we started, we sat to the side with our sketchbooks, and listened; we practiced and studied. It is because we spent those many years honing our skills and techniques that we are now able to express our own unique voice. We now seek to be a part of that conversation stretching eons—and we invite you to come with us.

After just six years, we have evolved from versatile, decorative art to pieces of living art that breathe and change in tandem with the life of their users—just as your projects do. We have continued the tradition of textiles through the graduation of three master craftsmen, and the continual training of many others. The limited nature of our work–each design having only 100 expressions–seeks to preserve the unique and special nature of each piece.

Just as your work balances the beauty of design with function, we continually commit ourselves to the materials and constructions that embrace the activity of everyday life–and will do so for a lifetime–as well as to the art and cultural references that link us to the long and rich history of textiles, allowing us to continue the ancient conversation in a contemporary way. Each piece we create is in its own unique dialogue with your artistry, changing with the light and context of each room, and progressing the grand discussion further.

It’s no wonder we cross this threshold now, as we pay homage to the artists of the Arte Povera movement. Their respect for raw materials as art in themselves; their breaking down of hierarchies between artist and artisan; the vital role of participation in a piece’s completion; and their honoring of the history of art and craft are all tenants we share as we make our own art.

In this new year, we invite you to rediscover textiles, and have a conversation with us–virtually, in our New York Gallery, in our Boston Studio, or even in our Fall River Workshop.

We look forward to continuing the conversation with you.