Art In the Making

Merida rugs are woven to order in our workshop and design lab in Fall River, Massachusetts.  

When you walk through our workshop you’ll see heritage looms that have been re-engineered to enable new weaving methods. You’ll see natural yarns being plied to invent new colors and textures. You’ll see craftsmen with decades of experience, applying exquisite handwork that combines artisanal techniques with technical innovation. 

Above all, you’ll see a collaborative environment that brings design and craftsmanship under one roof to create products of originality and beauty—the hallmark of a Merida rug. 

A Heritage of Innovation

Fall River was the birthplace of American textile manufacturing. At its peak in the 19th century, Fall River supplied the nation with clothing and fabrics, and fueled many important technological innovations, the Silicon Valley of its day.  

As textile manufacturing became increasingly mechanized and labor was outsourced to overseas markets, the mills fell silent, and local talent went untapped.

Today, those skills and talent are once again thriving in Merida’s Fall River workshop. Our talented craftspeople and textile designers are a living link to Fall River’s heritage of American innovation: exploring ideas, testing materials, and collaborating on new techniques to create one-of-a-kind rugs of originality and beauty.