Good for the Planet, Better for Your Kids (and Pets)

If your client has pets or kids, can they afford not to buy a natural rug?

The dirty truth is that for decades we’ve let sleeping dogs lie on plastic rugs without a thought to their well-being, or ours. Plastics break down over time and with exposure to sunlight, exposing the home environment to harmful airborne particles. The average dog spends most of its life on the floor, and if you’re living with synthetic rugs your pet is inhaling a steady trickle of toxic chemicals used in the manufacturing process. That goes double for the kids’ room.

A natural rug is an investment in your family’s wellbeing and the health of your home. Natural fibers like wool, linen and silk are not only safe for the environment, but inherently resistant to stains, easy to clean and naturally durable. Merida uses natural fibers from rapidly renewable natural sources, making it a sustainable choice. Your clients and their families will breathe easier knowing your rugs are 100% natural.

Talk to us about creating a made-to-order rug from natural materials for your next project.