Summer hosting? We’ve made rug care easy.

Summer weekends bring kids, pets, and tipsy friends… oops!

If you’re fretting over spills or foot traffic on your rugs, worry no more. Merida rugs are naturally durable and made for the life of your home. The truth is organic fibers like wool, linen, and mohair are naturally resistant to stains and odors, and surprisingly easy to clean.

The misconception that natural rugs are delicate is a myth that dates to the advent of synthetics, which have dominated the carpet industry for decades. The alarming fact is that more than ninety percent of the rugs manufactured in the world today contain harmful plastics that break down over time and release harmful toxins. What did people do before cheap, disposable, plastic rugs flooded the market?

Natural rugs have been part of the human household for millennia, and vintage rugs – prized for their artisanry and cultural provenance – are considered art pieces. In countries where rug-making traditions are still vibrant, ancestral rugs made from natural materials are passed from generation to generation, not just as heirlooms but as decorative floor coverings, playing an active role in the life of the home. How have these rugs stayed clean all those years? Perhaps the ancients knew a thing or two about the properties of natural fibers – and how to maintain them.

Like vintage rugs that still maintain their natural sheen a century later, Merida rugs are woven from time-tested natural materials that, with little maintenance, can last a lifetime. Here are a few simple steps to keep your Merida rug naturally clean when life gets messy:


  • Vacuum Frequently using a canister vacuum with a hose attachment
  • Get to spills quickly
  • Treat stains with mild soap and water


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