Merida Certified by Green Product Assurance

“The Green Product Assurance certification process requires total commitment from the manufacturer and its suppliers. We test every component that goes into the product and ensure that the manufacturing processes account for strict quality control. Merida is the first company in the US to achieve GPA certification.”

– Paul Marchand, Vice President Modern Testing Services


In January, Merida became the first and only US manufacturer to receive the Green Product Assurance (GPA) mark, a symbol of quality, safety, and trust. To achieve this, every component of our rugs had to be lab-tested by a third-party review board. Over the course of a year, Modern Testing Services worked closely with Merida to test and verify every component used in our rugs. The certification process involved the full cooperation of Merida’s suppliers, who also had to be vetted. The GPA mark means your clients can breathe easy knowing that their Merida rug is made for the life of their home and the wellbeing of their families.

“We took this step because we believe consumers should feel confident that the products they use in their home are completely free from harmful materials,” says Merida’s Production Manager Emanuel “Manny” Sousa, who led the certification effort.

Achieving GPA certification builds on Merida’s commitment to using only natural materials that are safe for the home and good for the planet, a promise the company has been living by since its founding more than 40 years ago. It’s a commitment we stand by, knowing that many competitors who make similar claims use synthetic components and/or harmful chemicals in the manufacturing process.

“The truth is most carpet manufacturers can’t tell you what goes into their rugs,” says Manny. “Even if they’re using natural fibers the backings are typically plastic and will leach toxic chemicals over time. Anyone can claim their product is natural but to submit to third-party testing takes a major commitment.”

The certification process is not one-and-done; GPA certification must be renewed annually, which means another round of testing every year. “No one requires us to do this, we do it because we believe it matters. It says we take our commitment to using 100% natural materials seriously. It’s our promise to our clients and we live and breathe it every day.”

Talk to us about what Merida’s GPA certification means to your clients and how it translates to your sustainable design practice.